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Wine Box "Langhe To Discover"

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A splendid one Wine Box high quality made up of a mix of some of the best wines of our catalog. Within this special offer it is possible to find an exceptional composition of Langhe wines: Dolcetto D'Alba Barturot, Nebbiolo from the Langhe, Dolcetto Vilot, Barolo Caviot, Barbera d'Alba Brichet and Riesling of the Langhe. A Box capable of satisfying the palate of the most expert and introducing beginners to the magical world of the area's wines.

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A Wine Box composed of several types of wines, studied by an expert Sommelier to best represent the characteristics of a region, grape variety, winemaking or aging technique. The goal is to offer a complete tasting kit capable of satisfying every one Wine Lover.

Recommended pairings

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I Wine Box to "more types”Of wines are designed to be paired with numerous recipes, as they can be found within them types of wine. Usually these Tasting Kit they are created and structured to represent a technique or a particularity of a place. For this reason it is strongly recommended match them to the culinary specialties related to technique in question or place of belonging.

Le Wine Box of the Sommelier are packages of 6 bottles of excellent quality and matched together by internationally renowned experts with the aim of providing a complete tasting of the best wines of each typology to a competitive price. Wine Box are subject to rigorous processes search e study, in order to satisfy all kinds of customers. Customers more experts who over the years have managed to develop a superfine palate with very high standards will have the opportunity to access fine wines, saving up to 10-30% of the price of the bottles. While for beginners, the Wine Box it's a great and innovative way to be introduced to the fascinating world of wine, tasting the numerous and various labels present within ours online wine shop. Each package is designed to be a journey unique thematic, an experience capable of transmitting emotions and above all enhancing the best products in our catalogs. Also excellent as gifts, hardly the wines present inside the Box disappoint a true wine lover, we'll take care of making you look good, you just have to put your name on the box!

REGION: Piedmont

Map of Italy in the Piedmont wine region

Il Piedmont it is one of the most important Italian regions for its wine culture and for the quantity of bottles of wine produced annually. He is most famous for his own Red wines high quality but does not disappoint in the production of either White wines e sparkling. The wines of the region are very popular in Italy andabroad, the reason for this success is due to the great variety of grapes available in the region, this allows the creation of more 40 DOC denominations and more than 10 DOCG denominations. The most important wines of the region are: the Barbera, Barbaresco, Barolo, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto d'Alba. They are wines from organoleptic characteristics very interesting that go perfectly with typical local dishes. In our online wine shop it is possible to buy the best Piedmontese wines.

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