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Sauvignon Marco Felluga Collio DOC 2020

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Friuli-Venezia Giulia
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Marco felluga
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White Wine
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Denomination and Grapes
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0,75 Litres
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13% vol
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Service temperature
10 / 14 ° C
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Appetizers, Cheese, Fish

Tasting Note

Il Sauvignon Marco Felluga Collio DOC is a label of great personality created by the winery Marco felluga, in the splendid territory of Collio in the province of Gorizia, at the eastern end ofItaly. A bottle where the grapes are meticulously selected, sent to the cold maceration process, with a light and soft pressing, to allow separation from the skins. Subsequently, the extracted must is fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature and aged for about 6 months on its own natural yeasts, before being bottled. A product from organoleptic characteristics unique: Color straw yellow, with greenish nuances and reflections; Bouquet intense, floral, with hints of sage, elderflower, tropical fruit such as mango and papaya, delicate notes of peppermint and pepper; To the palate it is fresh, soft and with a balanced flavor.

Tasting Guide

Il White Wine falls into the category of wines a White Berry, its characteristic acidity of the flavor is enhanced by the cold. The low temperatures they are excellent for highlighting her freshness, flavor e tannicity. Not going beyond the 13% it is possible to normalize the sweet tones of this white and to perceive its more dry and pungent notes, making it more pleasant to theodor and especially in the flavor. There temperature that we recommend oscillates between 6 degrees up to 14 for more whites maturi.

Recommended pairings

Image Food and wine pairings

A good Young White Wine, fresh e light is ideal for a appetizer or to accompany antipasti based on fish o vegetables. Ideal for first courses of fish and for serving dishes based on boiled fish or to grid, as long as the dishes do not have such an intensity as to overpower the wine in combination. While if white begins to be full-bodied e structured their ideal pairing is with dishes of structured fish e intense, white meat, oriental cuisine and possibly with some cheese.

The winery Marco felluga is a symbol of the oenological culture of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a reality present in the territory Friulian for over a century, founded by Marco felluga. Who decided to follow in his father's footsteps John undertaking a training course at the oenological school of Conegliano. A winery that from the beginning bases its foundations on technological innovations and the creation of exclusive labels, managing to obtain bottles from organoleptic characteristics unique and sophisticated, able to represent the tradition and the great potential of the region friulian. Today, the business is run by his son Roberto with great success, following the key points outlined by the father. The vineyards are located in the four main areas of Collio DOC: San Floriano del Collio, Farra d'Isonzo, Oslavia e Cormòns. An area from morphological characteristics very conducive to the production of quality wines, consisting of stratified marl and sandstone, flat terrain and a mild climate. The blends treated by the company have become numerous over time, but the most important for quantity and quality remain: Ribolla Gialla, Sauvignon, Tocai - Friulian, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The wines Marco felluga have received numerous awards in recent years, the most popular remain the White wines from aging, the latter have become real excellences in the world. Great labels that will satisfy the Wine Lovers more sophisticated and fussy, excellent for everyday life, recommendedpairing to the typical gastronomic products of the region. In our online wine shop you can buy the best ones wines of the cellar Marco felluga at a great price.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, one of the regions most important for the production of wines, both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, known mainly for the great personality of its people White wines. It is a territory that from the morphological point of view is capable of producing numerous international grape varieties, who have found an ideal climate to best represent theirs ampelographic characteristics. Also excellent is the amount of native vines, which allow the Friuli to be a fundamental territory in the enological culture of our country. The Friuli-Venezia Giulia can be divided into 3 zone: the flat area, which involves Pordenone and a part of the province of Udine; The north-east area the province of Udine e Gorizia; finally, the Giuliana area. The first vines that were introduced in the region date back to XX century: Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. While, the main indigenous grape varieties are: Tocai Friulan, Verduzzo Friulano, Picolit, Schioppettino, Fussy, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Ribolla Gialla and Istrian Malvasia. Although they have been cultivated for centuries in the region, the following are also to be considered international vines: Gewürztraminer, Müller-Thurgau, Riesling Renano, Franconia and Italic Riesling. Within ours online wine shop it is possible to buy the finest wines of this splendid region.

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