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Pinot Noir 2015 DOC

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Aosta valley
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La Vrille
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Red Wine
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Pinot Noir
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0,75 Litres
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14 / 18 ° C
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Meat, Aged Cheese, Cured meats

Tasting Note

Intense, fruity and floral bouquet with particular aromas of small red fruits, nutmeg and cloves. Dry wine, with good structure, with delicate and balanced tannins.

Tasting Guide

Il Red Wine, especially the more ones maturi, are characterized by ahigh presence of tannins within them, they guarantee it longevity and body, as well as a high astrigency and little acidity. There service temperature aims to enhance the notes soft and of wine and to mitigate his tannicity and eventual bitterness. The greater the structure el 'aging of red wine, the greater must be his service temperature. The temperature that we suggest fluctuates between the 14%, For young wines, Up to 20% for more wines aged and structured.

Recommended pairings

Image Food and wine pairings

Il Red Wine it is very simple to combine to a good dish, it does not require large elaborations. A classic is to combine this wine with dishes based on meat, in order to best express theirs flavor, in case the meat was Bianca it is better to opt for a red more young o light. A good glass of red does not disappoint even with cold cuts o aged cheeses, manages to transform a simple meal into an exceptional one mix of flavors.

The LA VRILLE agritourism and wine estate is located along the Via Francigena in the municipality of Verrayes in the Aosta Valley at 670 meters above sea level, well exposed and overlooking the Avic and Emilius mountains. It was born in 2002 from a project dreamed and conceived by Luciana and Hervé, two pioneers of life in the name of simplicity. Hervé, a former sailor and great-grandson of emigrants from Valle d'Aosta, decides to return to the Valley and reinvent his life. He begins to found a family and to restore the land of his ancestors to cultivation (he says that he must work the land to belong definitively to this valley). he chooses, his usual love, and little by little he manages to buy and cultivate 15.000 square meters. Former winemaker and winemaker of Crotta di Chambave (from 1991 to 2005) he learns and becomes passionate more and more. When in 2005 he vinified his harvest of Cornalin and Fumin on his own for the first time, he says he went beyond his dreams. Its very small cellar and the apotheosis of its path characterized by consistency and passion for its territory. LA VRILLE is the name that Hervé has chosen for his company. In Italian the tendril: it is small, very discreet, but decidedly tenacious and essential for the vegetative path of the vine; a bit like him for his company! Most of its vineyards are located in a natural amphitheater with south / south-east exposure in a xerothermal area where different plants of the Mediterranean basin naturally grow (excellent thyme), these peculiarities are very evident in Chambave Muscat dry version and version passita. Today almost two and a half hectares give life to the Vuillermin vines. Petit Rouge, Cornalin, Fumin, Muscat, Pinot Noir - all autochthonous except Pinot Noir which originates in the French region Bourgogne and Muscat, which is a historical vine of the Aosta Valley tradition. According to Hervé's philosophy, everything starts from the work in the vineyard: "I reserve particular and respectful care for the plant to avoid unnecessary treatments in the vineyard, arriving at the harvest with a healthy and mature bunch. In the cellar then, with the help of man, nature will do its normal work. " La Vrille is a small company but equipped with everything, with hens, sheep, geese, rabbits, a vegetable garden with greenhouses and an orchard. Luciana's cuisine is a "zero centimeter" and coherent cuisine, where each ingredient comes from its own garden and from the territory through a careful selection of small Aosta Valley producers. The traditional cuisine, revisited by Luciana's creative flair, follows the rhythm of the seasons and there is no shortage of homemade pasta and the skilful use of local aromatic herbs which, combined with a selection of 12 different peppers from all over the world , make the dishes particularly interesting and original.

REGION: Aosta valley

Map of Italy in the Aosta Valley del Vino region

La Valle d'Aosta it is a region famous for its quality wine, especially for its own Red Wines which are considered by many to be one great Italian excellence. The cultivation of the Aosta Valley vines was already taking place in medieval times, the wines were exported to Valaisin Savoy and beyond Alps. The territory of the region is covered by the sun on the northern side and the climate is very arid, these characteristics allow a high quality wine production. The area is known for its terracing and walls. The wineries in the area usually have a very limited production, but nevertheless this does not affect the great quality of the wine. In recent years with numerous contributions from the Region and the creation of some cooperatives the production of Aosta Valley wines has increased a lot, increasing the fame of the Valle d'Aosta both in Italy than toabroad. In our online wine shop you can find wines from the vines most important in the region: Petit Rouge, Fumin, Mayolet, Cornalin, Torrette and Vien de Nus.

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