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Neblù Brut Nature Rosé Classic Method 2020

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Aosta valley
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Les Crêtes
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Sparkling Wines
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0,75 Litres
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Service temperature
6 / 8 ° C
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Appetizers, Cheese, Fish

Tasting Note

Neblù is a blend of black berried grapes, grown in the Aosta Valley since ancient times. Bright in color, light cherry. Fine and persistent perlage, fruity nose with hints of cherry, currant and small red fruits. In the mouth dry, fresh and savory, with a persistent finish. A unique sparkling wine of its kind. 

Tasting Guide

Il Sparkling Wines falls into the category of wines a White Berry, its characteristic ofacidity of the flavor is enhanced by the cold. The temperature basses are excellent for highlighting her freshness, flavor e tannicity. Not going beyond the 13% it is possible to normalize the sweet tones of this white and to perceive its more dry and pungent notes, making it more pleasant to theodor and especially in the flavor. There temperature that we recommend oscillates between 6% up to the 14% for whites more mature.

Recommended pairings

Image Food and wine pairings

I Sparkling Wines are mainly the princes wines of appetizers e antipasti. They match perfectly with appetizers which canapés, savory puffs, voulevant, with pâté e shrimp cocktail, but also with oysters e cruditè. They are great with soft cheeses e not seasoned or with meats with a soft taste, Which mortadella e baked ham. It is also possible to accompany risotto, flans e pasta. While in the MAIN CORSE I'm ideal with del chicken o turkey, even if the best they make it with the fish and crustaceans, carpaccio included.

The Les Crêtes company produces its wines in an alpine context, which develops at the foot of Mont Blanc, characterized by high mountains, sandy slopes and rigid temperatures. The cool, dry and ventilated microclimate is characterized by soils of morainic origin, draining and with a strong mineral component. Attention to the environment and cultivation techniques are fundamental aspects for our reality. This has an intrinsic and focused link with the surrounding habitat. Each activity is carried out with the utmost dedication and care, in relation to the quality and passion that distinguishes us. Les Crêtes also follows the guidelines of the European sector programs regarding phytosanitary treatments, choosing to make a reduced use of pesticides. This is our philosophy.

REGION: Aosta valley

Map of Italy in the Aosta Valley del Vino region

La Valle d'Aosta it is a region famous for its quality wine, especially for its own Red Wines which are considered by many to be one great Italian excellence. The cultivation of the Aosta Valley vines was already taking place in medieval times, the wines were exported to Valaisin Savoy and beyond Alps. The territory of the region is covered by the sun on the northern side and the climate is very arid, these characteristics allow a high quality wine production. The area is known for its terracing and walls. The wineries in the area usually have a very limited production, but nevertheless this does not affect the great quality of the wine. In recent years with numerous contributions from the Region and the creation of some cooperatives the production of Aosta Valley wines has increased a lot, increasing the fame of the Valle d'Aosta both in Italy than toabroad. In our online wine shop you can find wines from the vines most important in the region: Petit Rouge, Fumin, Mayolet, Cornalin, Torrette and Vien de Nus.

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