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Montmary Rosé

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Aosta valley
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Rosé Wine
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0,75 Litres
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11 / 12 ° C
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Appetizers, Meat, Cheese, Fish, Cured meats

Tasting Note

Mont Mary, 2815 m asl, is our home mountain, on whose slopes most of our vineyards lie. It stands high above the horizon and protects the vineyards we cultivate in its embrace. From its source we take the water with which we irrigate our vines drop by drop. Here then is that our first sparkling wine could not fail to recall its name. Montmary is a classic method extra brut sparkling wine, disgorged after 15 months of aging on yeasts. The result is a wine with a bright pink color, a fruity and floral scent, with characteristic notes of the vines of origin. In the mouth it has good freshness and flavor. Excellent as an aperitif.

Tasting Guide

Il Rosé Wine it does not have high amounts of polyphenols and tannins and therefore goes consumed young, usually by two years after bottling, to prevent it from losing its characteristics of color, aroma and perfume. The most rosé wines young and light full-bodied (usually also colored) should be served as young whites at a temperature between 10 ° -12 ° C. While those with greater body, alcohol e tannins, as the most important whites should be served among the 12 ° -14 ° C.

Recommended pairings

Image Food and wine pairings

Il Rosé Wine is a wine from throughout the meal, this can be combined with dishes of greater structure: medium-aged cheeses, filate pasta, sliced, oily fish e white meat o roast without excessive succulence. While a more rosé wine longilieno e vertical it pairs perfectly with delicates antipasti di mare, a risotto or a nice plate of pasta with delicate toppings.

Grosjean is our reality: a company that has been working with the land and its fruits for generations. Grosjean, however, is first of all a family and we would like to give space to all those who are part of it. In the next lines we will not find labels, but we will give space to those who hide behind them, our Family, made up of people. Because, as in all things, it is the human factor that makes the difference, especially now that we are immersed in a world that, with its frenetic rhythms and its virtual sociality, tends to overshadow it.

REGION: Aosta valley

Map of Italy in the Aosta Valley del Vino region

La Valle d'Aosta it is a region famous for its quality wine, especially for its own Red Wines which are considered by many to be one great Italian excellence. The cultivation of the Aosta Valley vines was already taking place in medieval times, the wines were exported to Valaisin Savoy and beyond Alps. The territory of the region is covered by the sun on the northern side and the climate is very arid, these characteristics allow a high quality wine production. The area is known for its terracing and walls. The wineries in the area usually have a very limited production, but nevertheless this does not affect the great quality of the wine. In recent years with numerous contributions from the Region and the creation of some cooperatives the production of Aosta Valley wines has increased a lot, increasing the fame of the Valle d'Aosta both in Italy than toabroad. In our online wine shop you can find wines from the vines most important in the region: Petit Rouge, Fumin, Mayolet, Cornalin, Torrette and Vien de Nus.

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