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Montefalco Rosso DOC 2018

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Arnaldo Caprai
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Red Wine
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Denomination and Grapes
Merlot, Montefalco Rosso, Sagrantino, Sangiovese
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0,75 Litres
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Service temperature
14 / 18 ° C
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Meat, Aged Cheese, Cured meats


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Tasting Note

Il Montefalco Rosso di Arnaldo Caprai is one of the historic labels of the renowned company in production from afar 1975. If the Sagrantino and the wine best known and most important a international level, Montefalco Rosso di Arnaldo Caprai is undoubtedly the most label ductile e versatile to be enjoyed in everyday life, with an incredible freshness ed equilibrium. A bottle from organoleptic characteristics unique: Color ruby red; Bouquet floral of wild flowers and berries with nutmeg; To the palate it is dry, fresh, soft and with balanced tannins.

Tasting Guide

Il Red Wine, especially the more ones maturi, are characterized by ahigh presence of tannins within them, they guarantee it longevity and body, as well as a high astrigency and little acidity. There service temperature aims to enhance the notes soft and of wine and to mitigate his tannicity and eventual bitterness. The greater the structure el 'aging of red wine, the greater must be his service temperature. The temperature that we suggest fluctuates between the 14%, For young wines, Up to 20% for more wines aged and structured.

Recommended pairings

Image Food and wine pairings

Il Red Wine it is very simple to combine to a good dish, it does not require large elaborations. A classic is to combine this wine with dishes based on meat, in order to best express theirs flavor, in case the meat was Bianca it is better to opt for a red more young o light. A good glass of red does not disappoint even with cold cuts o aged cheeses, manages to transform a simple meal into an exceptional one mix of flavors.

The winery Arnaldo Caprai is certainly one of the most famous wineries in theUmbria, recognized in Italy and in the world for the great quality of his Sagratino of Montefalco. The company was founded by the entrepreneur Arnaldo Caprai in 1971, known for his great intuitions in the textile sector, he decided to change the type of business and devote himself to wine, his big dream. The winery met with great success thanks to his son Marco, which in 1993 with his great technical and entrepreneurial skills he managed to make the label of the vine Sagratino of Montefalco an emblem of the region Umbria, becoming one of the largest producers of wine of our country. Today, the winery has undergone numerous technologic innovations and is appreciated by many Wine Lovers for the excellence of Red wines produced every year. The family business You go also has agreen soul, with the aim of respecting, honoring and finding ever more modern solutions in the battle of environmental sustainability, trying to keep up with the latest international regulations. In our online wine shop you can buy the best wines from the cellar Arnaldo Caprai at a great price.

REGION: Umbria

Map of Italy in the Umbria region of wine

THEUmbria is a small hilly region ofcentral Italy, despite its small size it possesses a great heritage from the postural historical, cultural e artistic, stands out for its beautiful landscapes of viti e olive, which allow the production of its two main products: the wine andolive oil. It is a region from ideal climate for the production of wines, with not too cold winters and hot and dry summers, the rainfall is well distributed with infrequent frosts, an optimal climate in viticulture to obtain products of high quality. The culture and winemaking tradition of the area are very ancient, it is a region that over the years has managed to keep up with the times, with increasingly avant-garde innovations, without ever forgetting the techniques and customs of the past. In Umbria we have numerous fine labels DOC e DOCG, with unique characteristics of the territory, making the production of wines one of the excellences in the world. In the region are grown grapes a black berry e Bianca, the vines autochthonous e exhibitions main are: Chardonnay, Grechetto, Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia Bianca, Verdelho, Canaiolo Bianco, Procanico, Montefalco, Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Canaiolo Nero, Gamay, Barbera, Sauvignon, Pinot Bianco, Merlot, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc e Pinot Noir. THE Umbrian wines stand out for their liveliness, character and freshness, they are bottles from organoleptic characteristics important, excellent for everyday life. In our online wine shop it is possible to buy wines from the region Umbria most famous at the best price.

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