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Lugana DOC 2020

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White Wine
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Lugana, Trebbiano di Soave
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0,75 Litres
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Service temperature
10 / 14 ° C
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Appetizers, Cheese, Fish

Tasting Note

La vinification è obtained from the soft pressing of the grapes; aging for 5 months in steel barrels before bottling. The bottle is a wine with a typical straw yellow color with greenish reflections, mineral scent with fruity notes and white flowers, savory flavor with a hint of almond in the finish.

Tasting Guide

Il White Wine falls into the category of wines a White Berry, its characteristic acidity of the flavor is enhanced by the cold. The low temperatures they are excellent for highlighting her freshness, flavor e tannicity. Not going beyond the 13% it is possible to normalize the sweet tones of this white and to perceive its more dry and pungent notes, making it more pleasant to theodor and especially in the flavor. There temperature that we recommend oscillates between 6 degrees up to 14 for more whites maturi.

Recommended pairings

Image Food and wine pairings

A good Young White Wine, fresh e light is ideal for a appetizer or to accompany antipasti based on fish o vegetables. Ideal for first courses of fish and for serving dishes based on boiled fish or to grid, as long as the dishes do not have such an intensity as to overpower the wine in combination. While if white begins to be full-bodied e structured their ideal pairing is with dishes of structured fish e intense, white meat, oriental cuisine and possibly with some cheese.

The Ceresa winery is located in front of the San Martino tower, in the municipality of Pozzolengo and is owned by the Conti family who devote themselves with passion and wisdom to the production of wine, paying the utmost attention to quality and always aiming for product excellence. . The founder is Andrea Conti who has decided to turn his passion into work, dedicating himself to the care of the vines and the production of wine, helped by his wife Grazia. The company is now managed by his son Massimo who, thanks to his father's teachings and the experience gained in the sector, carries on the family business. In the beginning it was a monastery, part of which was used as a cellar. 1987 - The first address of the company was zootechnical-wine, but then with the passage of time, new lands were acquired. 1988 - Andrea Conti gives life to the first production, the result of sweat and passion for the land. 1989 - The word spreads soon, the fine and fragrant wines begin to be protagonists on the tables of friends first, and then customers .. 2016 - The son Massimo with his wife Francesca, thanks to his father's teachings, creates a new line of products respecting tradition but keeping up with the times. 2017 - New wines, new labels .. a mix of tradition and modernity that gladdens minds and warms hearts.


Map of Italy in the Lombardy del Vino region

La Lombardy it is about 24.000 sq km, it is a very extensive territory that includes areas with completely different characteristics from each other both from the point of view of the soil and the climate. There are flat, mountainous, hilly areas and some particularities such as the very particular microclimate present in the Lake Garda, is a region that offers excellent niches from the point of view of viticulture, in fact the wines of the region have a worldwide reputation. In Valtellina the main grape varieties are the Nebbiolo, fussy and Rossola, they are all black berried. In the area ofBeyond Pavese we have the Croatina, Barbera, Bonarda, Pinot Noir, Italic Riesling, Moscati and Malvasie. The territory Franciacorta, where Lake Iseo is located, is famous for its Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. Finally, we have the area of ​​the Mantovani Hills with the Marzemino, Sangiovese and Groppello. In our online wine shop you can buy the finest wines of this beautiful region.

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