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Langhe Riesling Clem DOC 2020 Magnum

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Ca 'Viola
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White Wine
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1,5 Litres
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10 / 14 ° C
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Appetizers, Cheese, Fish

Tasting Note

Il Langhe Riesling DOC Clem is the result of the great professionalism and genius of Beppe Caviola. It is the first White wine of the history produced by the winery, it is a bottle with a long aging, refined and fascinating in the incredible facets of its evolutionary phase. It is a wine of organoleptic characteristics interesting: Color straw yellow with golden reflections; Bouquet with delicate aromas, hints of peach, white flowers, cedar and grapefruit; To the palate very fresh, juicy and with an extraordinarily balanced flavor. Bottle in size Magnum.

Tasting Guide

Il White Wine falls into the category of wines a White Berry, its characteristic acidity of the flavor is enhanced by the cold. The low temperatures they are excellent for highlighting her freshness, flavor e tannicity. Not going beyond the 13% it is possible to normalize the sweet tones of this white and to perceive its more dry and pungent notes, making it more pleasant to theodor and especially in the flavor. There temperature that we recommend oscillates between 6 degrees up to 14 for more whites maturi.

Recommended pairings

Image Food and wine pairings

A good Young White Wine, fresh e light is ideal for a appetizer or to accompany antipasti based on fish o vegetables. Ideal for first courses of fish and for serving dishes based on boiled fish or to grid, as long as the dishes do not have such an intensity as to overpower the wine in combination. While if white begins to be full-bodied e structured their ideal pairing is with dishes of structured fish e intense, white meat, oriental cuisine and possibly with some cheese.

The winery Ca 'Viola is an excellence of the Piedmontese panorama, it was founded in Mont Albertin Langa, in 1991 by the oenologist Beppe Caviola. The history of this winery begins with Beppe, who decides to rent the vineyard of Dolcetto he always wanted, giving it the name of Barturot, aided by his faithful friend Elio they decide to vinify the grapes in parental garage. Thanks to a meeting with the famous and recognized winemaker Elio Altare, who advises a Beppe to bottle, the first label of the winery was born Ca'Viola, immediately appreciated by many experts in the sector. It doesn't take long for that a Beppe a new bet is presented, a Montelupo manages a small plot of Barbera, decides to take advantage of his chance and vinify it, giving life to the famous Bric du Luv, a wine that will have great success in Piemonte and which fully represents the organoleptic revolution which is taking place under the sky of Langa. In 2002 the cellar moves to Dogliani, where a well-structured complex is born in which production and hospitality manage to coexist, transmitting a great harmony (Villa Bracco), without ever giving up on excellence. Later in the 2005 Ca'Viola reaches its greatest milestone oenological: the management of a vineyard of Nebbiolo from Barolo, giving life to the label: King of Wines. A winery that has managed over time to make a history and an indelible name in Piemonte, an inspiration for all small producers, a company destined to last over time. In our online wine shop you can buy the best wines from the cellar at a great price.

REGION: Piemonte

Map of Italy in the Piedmont wine region

Il Piemonte it is one of the most important Italian regions for its wine culture and for the quantity of bottles of wine produced annually. He is most famous for his own Red wines high quality but does not disappoint in the production of either White wines e sparkling. The wines of the region are very popular in Italy andabroad, the reason for this success is due to the great variety of grapes available in the region, this allows the creation of more 40 DOC denominations and more than 10 DOCG denominations. The most important wines of the region are: the Barbera, Barbaresco, Barolo, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto d'Alba. They are wines from organoleptic characteristics very interesting that go perfectly with typical local dishes. In our online wine shop it is possible to buy the best Piedmontese wines.

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