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Lambrusco Spumante Dry Gran Cru "Marcello"

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Emilia Romagna
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Ariola winery
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Red Wine
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0,75 Litres
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11% vol
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14 / 18 ° C
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Meat, Aged Cheese, Cured meats


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Tasting Note

Lambrusco Spumante Dry Gran Cru "Marcello" and the wine symbol of the Ariola winery. The name derives from the founder of the company, it is a bottle with a strong territorial imprint, the result of tradition, passion and love. "Marcello"comes from silt-clayey soils, located on the first hills of the Po Valley at an altitude of 220-300 meters, a perfect terroir to produce. It is considered a jewel of the Emilian lands, which over time has conquered the critics, receiving Awards e national awards ed exhibitions. a Lambrusco From organoleptic characteristics unique: Color intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections, soft and effervescent foam; Bouquet intense fruity, fragrant, with hints of blueberry juice, oranges, pink grapefruit, pomegranate and violets; To the palate fresh, lively, juicy, aromatic finish and excellent minerality.

Tasting Guide

Il Red Wine, especially the more ones maturi, are characterized by ahigh presence of tannins within them, they guarantee it longevity and body, as well as a high astrigency and little acidity. There service temperature aims to enhance the notes soft and of wine and to mitigate his tannicity and eventual bitterness. The greater the structure el 'aging of red wine, the greater must be his service temperature. The temperature that we suggest fluctuates between the 14%, For young wines, Up to 20% for more wines aged and structured.

Recommended pairings

Image Food and wine pairings

Il Red Wine it is very simple to combine to a good dish, it does not require large elaborations. A classic is to combine this wine with dishes based on meat, in order to best express theirs flavor, in case the meat was Bianca it is better to opt for a red more young o light. A good glass of red does not disappoint even with cold cuts o aged cheeses, manages to transform a simple meal into an exceptional one mix of flavors.

La Ariola winery was founded in 1956, immediately became a symbol forEmilia Romagna, best expressing the characteristics of the region through quality products: White wines e traditional reds the province of Parma and Emilia, To still reds, classic reds, bubbles e distillates. The most famous product of the winery is the great "Lambrusco Spumante Dry Gran Cru Marcello”, A very elaborate bottle and from organoleptic characteristics unique, a wine who managed to best represent the family's winemaking ideas and skills Ariola in Italy andabroad, becoming its emblem. The winery covers an area of ​​approx 70 hectares. Each product is created respecting the earth and following the trends of the latest regulations from an environmental point of view. They are exceptional bottles for everyday life, able to satisfy every type of Wine Lover. In our online wine shop you can buy the best wines of the Ariola winery at a great price.

REGION: Emilia Romagna

Map of Italy in the Emilia Romagna region of wine

THEEmilia Romagna is one of the largest wine-growing regions in Italy with more than 60.000 hectares vines, from the morphological point of view it is characterized by its flat, very fertile and prone to agricultural exploitation. The climate of the region is of temperate type, with hot and humid summers followed by cold and harsh winters, these temperatures allow for a large wine development, in fact theEmilia Romagna It is not only distinguished by its large amount of hectares of vineyards but also by the great variety of wines produced within it. The region is divided into two different areas both from a geographical and cultural point of view: Emilia e Romagna. From an oenological point of view, we recognize theEmilia as the homeland of a great Italian excellence, the legendary Lambrusco, for an sparkling red wine. While in the area of ​​the Romagna, the main grape varieties used in the production of wines are: Sangiovese, Pignoletto e Albana. In our online wine shop you can find the best wines of the region Emilia Romagna most exclusive and sought after at the best price.

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