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Fletry Muscat Petit Grain DOC

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Aosta valley
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Cave des onze communes
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Dessert Wine
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0,50 Litres
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Service temperature
12 / 15 ° C
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Dessert, Aged Cheese

Tasting Note

The vivacity of this white berry wine elegantly blends with fruity notes, such as yellow peach and dried apricot with balsamic hints of sage and memories of acacia honey. The deep straw yellow color, with warm golden reflections, gives a first idea of ​​the balance between the sweetness and intensity of this wine that leaves a pleasant freshness in the mouth.

Tasting Guide

Il Dessert Wine it can be used at different service temperature possibilities, depending on the characteristics to be enhanced. The passito wines are characterized by a high alcohol content and a high degree of sugars. If you want to enhance their sweet and alcoholic component, we recommend a temperature between 14 and 18 degrees, in order to release i scents he more intense aromas. On the contrary with a lower temperature, between 10 and 14 degrees, you manage to enhance the side young and fresh of these particular wines, in order to make them less aggressive and more pleasant for all palates.

Recommended pairings

Image Food and wine pairings

Il Dessert Wine has a very wide range of pairings, which perfectly match its flavor sugary e aromatic, as dessert e sweet dishes, to those by contrast that balance theexcessive sweetness, By savory cheese snacks. The classic combination is the one with the small pastry dry sweets, better if based on almonds, pistachio or shortbread, also perfect dried fruit tarts o candied. Excellent as an accompaniment to classic traditional desserts: the scents of this wine go perfectly with Nougat, Amaretti biscuits, Neapolitan pastries or rum baba.

La Cave Des Onze Communes it is one of the most important wineries Aosta Valley, is located at the foot of the Mont Blanc. The winery is one a cooperative inaugurated in 1990 and which to date has managed to develop exponentially managing to unite more than two hundred members. In Aosta valley and in the world it is recognized for its high quality products, the winery owns more than one sixty hectares of vineyards located in the main municipalities of the Aosta Valley: Saint-Cristophe, Quart, Sarre, Saint Pierre, Aosta, Villeneuve, Aymavilles, Introd, Jovençan, charvensod e gressan. The wines of Cave Des Onze Communes are also recognized outside the Aosta Valley, in fact it is one of the European wineries with the highest production of wines, despite the great success of the company, the members have always maintained faith and respect to the historical tradition of the region in the production and care of products, each wine is of controlled origin (DOC) and the vineyards are managed with organic farming. The winery is currently led by the President Dino Darensod with an average production of 500.000 bottles a year. In our online wine shop you can find the twenty best wines of the cellar Cave Des Onze Communes at the best online price.

REGION: Aosta valley

Map of Italy in the Aosta Valley del Vino region

La Valle d'Aosta it is a region famous for its quality wine, especially for its own Red Wines which are considered by many to be one great Italian excellence. The cultivation of the Aosta Valley vines was already taking place in medieval times, the wines were exported to Valaisin Savoy and beyond Alps. The territory of the region is covered by the sun on the northern side and the climate is very arid, these characteristics allow a high quality wine production. The area is known for its terracing and walls. The wineries in the area usually have a very limited production, but nevertheless this does not affect the great quality of the wine. In recent years with numerous contributions from the Region and the creation of some cooperatives the production of Aosta Valley wines has increased a lot, increasing the fame of the Valle d'Aosta both in Italy than toabroad. In our online wine shop you can find wines from the vines most important in the region: Petit Rouge, Fumin, Mayolet, Cornalin, Torrette and Vien de Nus.

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