In Vino Veritas: The Meaning of the Latin Proverb

In Vino Veritas - What Does the Latin Proverb Mean?

How many times have we heard this sentence wondering what the meaning?

We are talking about perhaps the most famous Latin expression in the world. Let's find out the origin of this Latin proverb coined by the Greek poet Moose of Mytilene. "In Vino Veritas"Literally translates to: in wine is the truth. It was to take up this sentence Cayo Plinio, Also known as Pliny "the Elder" and it indicates the inability to lie when we are under the influence of wine intended as alcohol. And actually when we are in a state of intoxication we tend to let ourselves go in "bar" chatting often revealing thoughts, opinions and sometimes uncomfortable secrets, which we would hardly say in a state of sobriety.

In Vino Veritas Greek representation


Orazio, Roman poet (65 BC / 8 BC), wrote about intoxication wondering what he could not reveal about it. In fact, according to the poet, it was able to reveal the most hidden secrets, freeing anyone from any inhibitory restraint. Just like for children and crazy people, it is said that even drunks are incapable of lying and that the latter, thanks to alcohol, are able to let their opinions flow without any kind of censorship. It is said that i Re, to find out who was truly worthy of friendship, tortured their interlocutors with wine in order to discover their most hidden sides and evaluate their person. THE Germanic peoples instead, they had the custom of drinking during council meetings, precisely because they believed that under the influence of alcohol no one could lie or distort the truth. THE Persians instead they had a rule according to which the decisions taken when sober, were re-discussed while they were drunk since even if intoxicated, no one could lie.

Alcohol negative effects

There is also a reverse of the coin, in contrast to this proverb in fact, there are those who affirm that excess of intoxication can lead to a distortion of the truth, thus transformed into a simulation of reality, which is opposed to the concept of truth itself. . The proverb is completed with the sentence "In Aqua Sanitas" and with this purpose we want to indicate that if it is true that wine (or alcohol in general), if not abused, facilitates the freedom and the escape of one's thoughts in a completely unconscious way and, as already mentioned, devoid of inhibitions, d on the other hand, the second part of the proverb wants to indicate how rational decisions must be taken when sober. This expression, used and known throughout the Western world, maintains the same meaning albeit with different pronunciations. Latin was a vehicular language until the seventeenth century and this makes us understand why this expression is still so used today. It can therefore be said that sharing a good glass of wine or even two, can certainly facilitate feeling good in company as long as there is no tendency to exaggerate. "Eating is a need of the stomach, drinking is a need of the soul" and with this proverb we conclude, and we ask you, if it is true that the truth is in the middle, tonight water o wine?

"Wine adds a smile to friendship and a spark to love"  - E. De Amicis

"In a bottle of wine there are more words than alcohol" - E. Persichetti

"There is more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in all the books in the world" - E. Hemingway


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