How is wine made? Production, Processing and the 5 Main Stages

InstaWinery Wine Making Guide

Il wine it is a product now consumed in all parts of the world in massive quantities, especially in Italy where we are one of the best producers ed exporters in the world, but despite this there are still many who do not know the complex production processes behind each of these bottles. In this article we will try to introduce you to simplified way the steps necessary to develop these nectars, in order to involve new ones as well Wine Lover!


Although a good wine differs mainly from his own unique and complex production process, every effort is useless if the raw material is not of high quality. In fact, a good blend owes its main attributes to the type of cultivation soil, the fertilizer used and the various chemical products used during maturation.

Phase 1 Cultivation of InstaWinery Grapes

2 phase: HARVEST

La harvest (The grape harvest) is the first effective phase of production, from this process we obtain the grapes that will allow the creation of the wine. Before carrying out the harvest it is necessary that the wine reaches a level of sufficient maturation, which varies according to the type of grape and the result to be obtained. The longer the berries remain on the plant, the higher their sugar content will be, while the acidity tends to decrease proportionally over time. Usually it wine standard provides that for ready-to-drink wines that will be consumed young and fresh opt for an early harvest. Instead for the wines intended for aging the goal is to achieve the phenolic maturation. The passito use the technique of over-ripening, or delaying the harvest beyond technical maturation of the bunch, where an equilibrium point is reached between the sugar and acid concentration.

Phase 2 Harvest of the InstaWinery grapes



Once the grape harvest has been completed, it will be necessary to clean the bunches, this process is called "destemming", which aims to separate the berries from stalk o rachide. Removal is necessary to avoid compromising the final product, otherwise the chemical properties of the rachis would alter the organoleptic properties of the wine, even if trivial it is one fundamental step. Once the deburring has been completed, proceed with the pressing, an iconic technique that in the past was performed with the feet by peasant families inside huge basins. Today the process has been industrialized using increasingly advanced machinery, optimizing grape juice e the collection of the must. A ideal pressing it must be soft and avoid damaging the skins as little as possible, in order to guarantee a high quality must.

Step 3: Grape Removal and Crushing on InstaWinery



La winemaking it is also called fermentation, is the phase in which the sugars (glucose e fructose) contained within the musts are transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide by the specific properties of the yeasts. Once the vinification is finished, the wine must undergo a short racking process for clarify the product, so that you can decant in specific containers, where the most important phase will begin, theaging. The choice of the container and its material is fundamental, it varies according to the type of aging that you want to reach, in young wines which refine for a maximum period of a few months the container will be steel, cement o fiberglass. While if the goal is to age the wine for many months or even years it will be necessary to use barrels, barrels e tonneaux.



Finished the refinement phase the wine inside the containers is decanted, filtered and deoxygenated, in order to eliminate the various impurities generated over time. Once bottling has been completed, the producer can decide whether to continue a further phase of bottle aging or proceed with sale to the public. In any case, the wine is one living substance that you develops, matura e perfect over time, like every living being it becomes aware of itself only through experience, we actually decide the end of its last refinement phase.




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